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Photograph + Traditional Color Art
Light (Alternate) by kronos-kirbi
Turbo x Trophy by kronos-kirbi
A photograph AND colored in traditional art drawing are included together.
Traditional Uncolored + Color Digital Art
Sketchbook Drawing 4-2 (After) by kronos-kirbi
For Gnomie by kronos-kirbi
Traditional art (either shades of grey/black/white or line art) AND color digital art included together.
Light (Alternate) by kronos-kirbi
My resources for things to take pictures of are limited, as I can only take pictures of things like household objects or nature, but I can get just the right shot and add effects (for free) to top it off.
Traditional Art (Colored)
Turbo x Trophy by kronos-kirbi
I often don't color in my traditional art, or shade, but I can still attempt either. Shading and non-notebook paper are no extra charge, but I'd appreciate it if you'd specify which you want, or if it doesn't matter to you. I'd also need to know whether to draw actual humans or my cartoon style (pictured above). Coloring available in markers, watercolor paint, crayons, and colored pencil, and ink for the outline is also an option. Fan art also available.
Traditional Art (Pencil Shade)
Sketchbook Drawing 4-2 (After) by kronos-kirbi
This is how I typically draw my traditional art. Again, please let me know if notebook paper is acceptable, if you want me to add shading, and if you want real humans or my cartoon style (shown above). Ink for the outline is available. Fan art also available.
Digital Art (Colored)
Request for BROGENDART by kronos-kirbi
This is how almost all, if not all, of my digital art looks. It doesn't look as good as my traditional art does, however. Please specify shading or no shading and Muro or MS Paint. Fan art also available.
Digital Art (Black and white, or colorless)
And she tries. by kronos-kirbi
I can color it with shades of grey, black, and white, or use just outlines without color. Like I said, it doesn't look as good as my traditional art does. Please specify shading or no shading, real people or cartoon style, and Muro or MS Paint. Fan art also available.

Newest Deviations

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:iconspongebobrapefaceplz:Its no favor that the best thing about a favorite is favorably giving someone a favorite, thereby adding another favorite to your favorite colletion of favorites... favorably.

Le Wall of Shipping

Miku x Kaito
Rin x Len
Luka x Gakupo
Momo x Ritsu
Mikuo x Tree
Teto x Gumi

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash
Fluttershy x Big Macintosh
Discord x Celestia
Trixie x Twilight
Bon Bon x Lyra

Harry Potter
Hermione x Ron
Ginny x Harry
Luna x Harry
Lily x Snape

Leela x Fry
Amy x Bender
Bev x Bender
Amy x Kif
Labarbra x Hermes

Adventure Time
Finn x Flame Princess
Jake x Lady Rainicorn
Ice king x Ice Queen
LSP x Brad
BMO x Gunther

Sandy x Spongebob
Patrick x That one mermaid girl (forgot her name)

Regular Show
Margaret x Mordecai
Rigby x That one human chick (whatever her name is)

Super Mario Bros.
Peach x Mario
Daisy x Luigi
Rosalina x Waluigi

Pixar Films
Bo Peep x Woody
Jesse x Buzz
Princess Ada x Flick
Celia x Mike
Coral x Marlin (I don't give a damn if she died)
Violet x Tony
Sally x Lightning McQueen
Holly Shiftwell x Mater
Colette x Linguini
Eve x Walle
Ellie x Carl


It's so well done and so amazing that I can hardly believe it, I don't even know where to begin with this critique. Clearly there was m...

Though this is quite a short poem (then again, it's a haiku), it gets the point across. It has a casual and aloof sort of tone. The mes...

Sorry if I write kiss-ass critiques.

...M... Copy
...A... and
...R... Paste
...I... On your
...O... Channel
...and... to
...L... keep
...U... Mario
...I... and
...G... Luigi
...I... from being hated

-____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ L ▓████

The Mario brothers are my heroes for life

(Shameful self-advertisement ahead)
You Win the Internet by kronos-kirbi
That's All I Want by kronos-kirbi
I'm taking Spanish 1 this year and I've gained some vocabulary at this point, hence the title. :iconspanishplz: However, I'm not anywhere near fluency yet. The punctuation weirdness in the title, however? Well, kids, it's because I can't put the upside down punctuation or the accents in the title, apparently. So I did my best with it. I apologize for dA's horseshit the inconvenience. :shrug:

Now for the business matters. I am very sorry for the lack of art coming from my account. Unless it helps keep your inbox clean, in which case, I am happy for you. I haven't posted my art from the past school year (I said I would) for two reasons; I have not had enough time to myself to post it here, and my computer has had the issue of both USB ports either taken (can't remove it or all hell will break lose) or dead. I will have to use my Nana's computer, whenever I can. I am very sorry for the delay as it has been months since my last artistic piece. Perhaps I'll post a poem. I am a dummy! 

I think I should create a YouTube channel. I'm in Video and New Media this year for my art class, which means the projects I make might not be compatible with dA, so YouTube would be a great place to post such things. Also, if I want to be a YouTuber some day, I might as well start now, and with the folks around me irl willing to collab already, it's an okay time to start. However, I have a problem; a lack of good technology. A slow running PC, not being allowed to download things to it, and a not-so-great camera, do not add up to good odds for me to start my YouTube goals now. hmm  But maybe I could find the right resources (friends, family, or even - dare I say it - school computers) to try to start. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In fandom news: I occasionally feel sorrow over Craig Ferguson leaving The Late Late Show in December. Worried I've only been watching since last year, so it kills that it's going to be over for me this soon. I can always watch some of the best moments on YouTube, but that's hardly the same. He has a game show he's hosting now, and I definitely like it, but my parent's really don't and are not willing to watch it (they usually take up all the TV's); that show also just isn't the same because he doesn't really make it so his own like LLS always has been. But I have to stay okay with the change because I can't force someone to keep going on with something they don't want to do any more; also, this could always mean more opportunities for him to do bigger, radder things when he's not hosting the game show. :eager: by darkmoon3636 He's always wanted a game show anyway, so good for him. I kinda worry about Geoff Peterson & Secretariat though. They should keep doing things, but they probably won't. Josh R Thompson (voice of Geoff) is going to have a new TV show now too, so that's awesome. So the future is brighter than I think.

Speaking of bright futures (I've got one of those Headbang!), I don't really have all those worries about my crush anymore. I've just been okay with myself for a long time now because I've simply decided that there's nothing wrong with how I live. You know what my concerns are now? My grades, my food, and human rights. The precious few fucks I have to give must not be given to my past mistakes, what other people think of me, or to love, which is supposed to be a good feeling. :iconyeahplz: I must live a life of happiness and my own brand of intelligence; the latter which I'm getting in gear for lately, not only with school, but more so when I just think to myself about what's important in this world.

An update on band class:
• Even though I'm the kid with arthritis I really love marching band. Our 80's theme this year was rad. :star:
• In varsity band we're learning a song called Black Granite III and it's pretty much the coolest band song I've ever played. Can be heard below. Warning: if you are bored by all classical arrangements... listening to this will change your mind about that. If you like movie soundtracks, though, then why did you say that about classical pieces? No, I disagree! It's the same thing, most of the time.
• One of the teachers is gonna make a web series called "Hangin' with Mr [name removed]", or so I've heard. I can only hang with Mr [name removed]/be in the series if I can play my scales in 2 minutes. I must learn this or I will not fulfill my destiny. More updates on the matter are in store. La la la la

I'm glad to be a member of this community & to live on the internet, and I hope you guys will stay rad. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hasta pronto,


~ ~ ~ A kinda long TL:DR (Which I'd rather you didn't do and read the journal instead, but sorry about its length anyway) ~ ~ ~

• Habla español, pero mi vocabulario es bastante pequeño.
• I am sorry for the art delays, but it's on the way. I am a dummy! 
• I might make my own YouTube channel. More updates as soon as I can.
• I love the Late Late Show WITH Craig Ferguson, and I'll really miss - beyond words - that kickass late night addition he has always had, but we must carry on.
• I'm caring less about the things that stressed me out in regards to my crush, among other things I've begun to give less fucks about. :| (Blank Stare) See above for details.
• Band class is awesome and it might mean I star in a web series related to it. More updates are in store. See above for details.
• See final short greeting paragraph.
  • Listening to: Vocaloid Music
  • Reading: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (a kickass author)
  • Watching: Tobuscus Videos & Late Late Show
  • Eating: Dinner (soon... I hope)
  • Drinking: Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast, a hella rad beverage


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32 / 9,001
(These stats are mostly based on the fact that I'm still a student to art at the moment and can't handle very high expectations. So they are subject to change. But I do have much better art offline than what's on dA so far. I will post more of such work soon, and continue in that direction.)

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I would really like some points please.
I want to have nice things.

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██████ 60% Gamer
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██████████ 100% Tobuscus Fangirl

Don't better ask what I did here. by Tea-StrawberryRule 28 of the Internet by kronos-kirbiTesticular Cancer Awareness stamp by nothinplz
More Prostate Awareness plz by nothinplz

I am a christian. Gay christian is not an oxymoron. God will not condemn those in the LGBTQ community.
Being gay or LGBTQ is not a sin or a choice. It is who you are. And if it's who you are, God made you that way.…
Watch this video from beginning to end.…

Prop 8 Stamp by sd-stock Prop 8 Overturned by dragon-sigma Stamp: Only a cunt prop 8 by Riza-Izumi
More like Attack On Marriage Act (AOMA) by Osama-Cat-Laden
(These stamps aren't the cause for the points, I just wanted to put them in a place where they are clearly visible.)

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Put this on your page if you will ALWAYS love Brawl/any Smash Bros Game, even Mario itself for that matter:

Real name: Nubs
Age: 9001
Gender: Female
My favorite bands are Rush, Queen, and Weezer
My favorite song is Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen.

I used to have an account known as SomeIdiotFromYoutube, but that was when I was terrible. I forgot my password, and thus the new account. I can't draw people, so I draw them as little cartoon people that don't have limbs, just some hands and feet that float around. My YouTube account will one day be MoustacheMittens.

My Community of Friends:

:iconcookieeater1: - Angie is a very friendly person and has a lovable OC named True Shadow. She isn't on much anymore, but in the times she does visit, she is a great friend.

:iconmaddymayhemxx: - Maddie is someone I've admired since the beginning. I discovered her through a shared love for Adventure Time. Since then, she has proven to be talented and kind overall.

:icondadona777: - Shane is a fantastic artist. I've seen him put up with a lot in the short time I've known him, and he's stayed strong through it all and remained the happy spirit I know him for.

:iconelectrocryaotic: - A fellow YouTube fan, Cleo is a lovely writer and a great manga artist. She'll never fail to brighten my day with her fantastic work and happy comments.

:iconkaitlinxing: - Lottie is definitely someone I look up to. She has a very unique style that I always look forward to seeing again. I have no doubt she'll be a successful animator someday.

:iconemmakoeni: - Emma is wonderful with MMD and a rather good writer. I've seen her go through bad times and through good times. I know her to be an outgoing person.

:iconizzysilvereyes: - Isabelle always gives her watchers something lovely, whether by art or by her own personality. I've almost always seen her bright and joyful around here. She returned upon deactivating for the third time in her dA life, and I am so happy she did so.

:iconjackiejellystalk: - The nephew of my OC named Reese Rainbow and the coded offspring of Queen Salmon and Kcat, Jackie is an adorable and kind OC. We share a jumpy personality and I'm quite proud of him.

:iconask-kc-and-turbo: - Kcat is Reese's roleplay brother in law, and as such is impressive in the role of both King Candy and Turbo. The admin is even better, however, as (s)he is fun to be around and an all-around wonderful person. The admin might never come back, but I think I can accept that since the admin is still active elsewhere around here.

:iconthequeenofsugarrush: - I can't say I've ever met a King Candy fangirl as deserving of the heart of the real character as Gnomey. Whether she lets you tell her so or not, she is beautiful and uniquely talented, but better yet a kindhearted person.

:iconspinninjellyfishgirl: - SpinninGirl is a huge House Music fan and very skilled with digital art. The unique style of images she posts almost come alive with the realism of the shadows and lighting. I've watched her go through one hell of a rough time around here, and not once have I stopped taking her side, since I know she'll always be a loving friend no matter what.

:icongirlyrainbowvampire: - Kim is amazing with traditional art. The deep colors she uses with her markers are fabulous. Not only that, she is always supportive of the people around her. She'll tell you she's weird, but don't take that the wrong way. It's most certainly a good thing.

:iconkittymrowmrow: - Artemis is fantastic with MMD and is a big Ritsu Namine fan. She has a great sense of humor. She'll always be there for her friends, and I truly consider her to be the leader of the Vocaloid/Utau Squad.

:iconsophiakuso: - Kuso is my cousin in real life. I've known her for as long as I can remember. We've watched each other grow into who we are today, and she's pretty much my closest friend. She is a talented writer and overall a loving, spectacular person.

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